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Commit 76b79929 authored by katrien's avatar katrien
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parent 2d9a45db
(in-package :fcg)
;; Taken from https://stackoverflow.com/a/4367540
(defun string-replace2 (search replace string &optional count)
(loop for start = (search search (or result string)
:start2 (if start (1+ start) 0))
while (and start
(or (null count) (> count 0)))
for result = (concatenate 'string
(subseq (or result string) 0 start)
(subseq (or result string)
(+ start (length search))))
do (when count (decf count))
finally (return-from string-replace2 (or result string))))
(defmethod make-html ((d gp-data) &key (configuration nil))
(let ((s-dot-graph (unit-bindings->graph :data d :prefered-font "Arial"
:visualization-configuration configuration)))
,(string-replace2 "¬" "¬" (s-dot->svg s-dot-graph)))))
;(activate-monitor trace-fcg)
;(add-element (make-html (read-data)))
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