Commit 93f9fdc7 authored by remivantrijp's avatar remivantrijp

Separating dependency from constituent structure. More updates will follow.

parent 161ce17a
...@@ -57,8 +57,8 @@ ...@@ -57,8 +57,8 @@
(left-pole-structure (left-pole-structure
base-transient-structure) base-transient-structure)
unit-tree))))) unit-tree)))))
(old-boundaries (fcg::fcg-get-boundaries base-transient-structure)) (old-boundaries (fcg-get-boundaries base-transient-structure))
(new-boundaries (fcg::update-list-of-boundaries old-boundaries temp-node)) (new-boundaries (update-list-of-boundaries old-boundaries temp-node))
(new-form-constraints (infer-all-constraints-from-boundaries (new-form-constraints (infer-all-constraints-from-boundaries
new-boundaries new-boundaries
(get-updating-references cxn-inventory) (get-updating-references cxn-inventory)
...@@ -48,17 +48,11 @@ ...@@ -48,17 +48,11 @@
(syn-cat ((is-matrix-clause -) (syn-cat ((is-matrix-clause -)
(agreement ?agreement)))) (agreement ?agreement))))
(intransitive-clause (clause) (intransitive-clause (clause)
(syn-cat ((clause-type intransitive))) (syn-cat ((clause-type intransitive))))
(functional-structure ((subject ?subject))))
(transitive-clause (clause) (transitive-clause (clause)
(syn-cat ((clause-type transitive))) (syn-cat ((clause-type transitive))))
(functional-structure ((subject ?subject)
(object ?object))))
(ditransitive-clause (transitive-clause) (ditransitive-clause (transitive-clause)
(syn-cat ((clause-type ditransitive))) (syn-cat ((clause-type ditransitive))))
(functional-structure ((subject ?subject)
(object ?object)
(dative ?dative))))
;; Phrases ;; Phrases
;; --------------------------------------------------------------- ;; ---------------------------------------------------------------
(phrase () (phrase ()
...@@ -86,9 +80,7 @@ ...@@ -86,9 +80,7 @@
(VP (phrase) (VP (phrase)
(ev-args (?ref-ev ?perf-ev ?asp-ev ?ev)) (ev-args (?ref-ev ?perf-ev ?asp-ev ?ev))
(head ?verb) (head ?verb)
(sem-valence ((actor ?actor) (undergoer ?undergoer))) (sem-cat ((sem-function predicating-expression)))
(sem-cat ((sem-function predicating-expression)
(emphasis ?emphasis)))
(syn-cat ((phrase-type VP) (syn-cat ((phrase-type VP)
(tam ((tense ?tense) (tam ((tense ?tense)
(aspect ((perfect ?perf) (aspect ((perfect ?perf)
...@@ -117,8 +109,7 @@ ...@@ -117,8 +109,7 @@
(syn-cat ((categories (noun)) (syn-cat ((categories (noun))
(agreement ?agr)))) (agreement ?agr))))
(common-noun (noun) (common-noun (noun)
(syn-cat ((categories (noun common-noun)) (syn-cat ((lex-class common-noun))))
(lex-class common-noun))))
(compound (noun)) (compound (noun))
(proper-noun (noun) (proper-noun (noun)
(syn-cat ((categories (noun proper-noun)) (syn-cat ((categories (noun proper-noun))
...@@ -127,16 +118,13 @@ ...@@ -127,16 +118,13 @@
(referent ?ref) (referent ?ref)
(args (?output ?input)) (args (?output ?input))
(sem-cat ((sem-class predicate))) (sem-cat ((sem-class predicate)))
(syn-cat ((categories (adjective predicate)) (syn-cat ((lex-class adjective))))
(syn-function adjectival)
(agreement ?agr))))
(determiner () (determiner ()
(referent ?ref) (referent ?ref)
(args (?ref ?input)) (args (?ref ?input))
(syn-cat ((categories (determiner))))) (syn-cat ((lex-class determiner))))
(article (determiner) (article (determiner)
(syn-cat ((categories (article determiner)) (syn-cat ((lex-class article))))
(lex-class article))))
)) ))
;;; 2. Definition of a CATEGORY-SPEC. ;;; 2. Definition of a CATEGORY-SPEC.
...@@ -229,4 +217,4 @@ ...@@ -229,4 +217,4 @@
("VBZ" verb) ("VBZ" verb)
("DT" determiner) ("DT" determiner)
("JJ" adjective) ("JJ" adjective)
("PRP$" possessive-pronoun))) ("PRP$" possessive-pronoun)))
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