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Commit 2cc3be64 authored by Jens Nevens's avatar Jens Nevens

git subrepo pull (merge) systems/plot-raw-data

  subdir:   "systems/plot-raw-data"
  merged:   "0cd5123"
  origin:   ""
  branch:   "master"
  commit:   "3560c80"
  version:  "0.4.0"
  origin:   ""
  commit:   "5d6aba9"
parent e16b0c9d
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
remote =
branch = master
commit = 9bc03bd55e436e79e8c6278404e5c5e59bb1e16d
commit = 3560c8031269eb0d053d54fceeef21c86ca20eff
parent = e9dc721d26aa44aa71dfdcf30a912933f8f1ded2
method = merge
cmdver = 0.4.0
......@@ -299,7 +299,7 @@ x-axis."
(if points
"with points 3"
(format nil "with lines lw ~a" line-width))
(+ 2 (mod source-number 8)) color
(+ 2 (mod source-number 8)) color
(< source-number (- (length data) 1))))
(when (member :filled error-bar-modes)
(in-package :plot-raw-data)
(export '(create-function-plot))
(defun create-function-plot (equations
(function-definitions nil)
(title nil) (captions nil)
(plot-file-name nil)
(plot-directory nil)
(graphic-type "pdf")
(key-location "below")
(x-min 0) (x-max 1)
(y-min -1) (y-max 1)
(colors *great-gnuplot-colors*)
(draw-y1-grid t)
(x-label "Number of games played")
(y1-label nil)
(grid-line-width 0.5)
(open t) (dashed nil)
(fsize 10)
(typeface "Helvetica"))
"Plot several functions using gnuplot. This function expects a list
of function definitions (in a list of strings) specified with x as the variable
and in a format that can be handled by gnuplot (e.g. f(x)=4*x instead of f(x)=4x).
See examples in the comments below."
(let ((colors (loop for color in colors
for other-color in *great-gnuplot-colors*
collect (or color other-color)))
(captions (loop for f in equations
for i from 0
collect (or (nth i captions) f)))
(file-path (babel-pathname :name (or plot-file-name "function-plot")
:type (if (equal graphic-type "postscript") "ps" graphic-type)
:directory (or plot-directory '(".tmp")))))
(ensure-directories-exist file-path)
(stream (monitors::pipe-to-gnuplot))
(set-gnuplot-parameters stream
:output file-path :terminal graphic-type :title (or title "")
:draw-y1-grid draw-y1-grid :grid-line-width grid-line-width
:key-location key-location :x-label x-label :y1-label y1-label
:y2-label nil :y1-min y-min :y1-max y-max
:y2-min nil :y2-max nil
:dashed dashed :fsize fsize :typeface typeface)
(set-range stream "x" x-min x-max)
(format stream "~cset grid back noxtics" #\linefeed)
(format stream "~cset ytics nomirror" #\linefeed)
(format stream "~cset style fill transparent solid 0.20 border" #\linefeed)
(when function-definitions
(loop for def in function-definitions
do (format stream "~c~a" #\linefeed def)))
(loop for f in equations
do (format stream "~c~a" #\linefeed f))
(format stream "~cplot " #\linefeed)
(loop for f in equations
for source-number from 0
for function-name = (when (find #\= f)
(remove-spurious-spaces (first (split f #\=))))
for color = (nth (mod source-number (length colors)) colors)
do (format stream "~a title ~s dt ~a lc rgb ~s ~:[~;, ~]"
(or function-name f)
(nth source-number captions) ;; caption
(+ 2 (mod source-number 8)) ;; dash type
color ;; color
(< source-number (- (length equations) 1)) ;; adding , to the end or not
(format stream "~cexit~c" #\linefeed #\linefeed)
(finish-output stream)
;(close-pipe stream)
(when open
(sleep 0.5)
(open-file-in-os file-path)))))
;; creating two simple functions
;(create-function-plot '("f1(x)=2*x" "f2(x)=3*x"))
;; creating two functions using an additional function definition
;(create-function-plot '("normal(x,0,1)") :function-definitions '("normal(x, mu, sd) = (1/(sd*sqrt(2*pi)))*exp(-(x-mu)**2/(2*sd**2))") :x-min -3 :x-max 3 :y-min 0 :y-max nil)
;(create-function-plot '("f(x)=normal(x,0,1)") :function-definitions '("normal(x, mu, sd) = (1/(sd*sqrt(2*pi)))*exp(-(x-mu)**2/(2*sd**2))") :x-min -3 :x-max 3 :y-min 0 :y-max nil)
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -24,4 +24,5 @@
(:file "gnuplot-utils")
(:file "evo-plots")
(:file "bar-plots")
(:file "blackboard-plots")))
(:file "blackboard-plots")
(:file "function-plots")))
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