The username under which gitlab is running, has changed from gitlab to git. If you get the following message when pushing or pulling: Permission denied (publickey), then execute this command in your repository directory: git remote set-url origin . (replace namespace and project by the appropriate values). Use git remote -v to check the current value.

Commit 3f41a815 authored by Jens Nevens's avatar Jens Nevens

git subrepo push systems/action-behavior-framework

  subdir:   "systems/action-behavior-framework"
  merged:   "6941169"
  origin:   ""
  branch:   "master"
  commit:   "6941169"
  version:  "0.4.0"
  origin:   ""
  commit:   "5d6aba9"
parent c4c1aa0c
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
remote =
branch = master
commit = 9967c058aca6acb06a13e8fd9ff5b62cd71c0ddb
parent = ab63235197954200e79c189f7e4eeb3bfefe2d0f
commit = 6941169a6937fd44c6c1769528d2a3ebd03fc0d2
parent = c4c1aa0c52c53423aff04998bf1e0949d0d4e0c5
cmdver = 0.4.0
method = merge
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