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Commit dd6b1628 authored by remivantrijp's avatar remivantrijp

Keep more info from preprocessing steps.

parent 91816ea4
......@@ -39,7 +39,8 @@
:cxn-inventory cxn-inventory)))
(loop for key-and-value in keys-and-values
do ;; store the information in the transient structure.
(set-data (blackboard basic-transient-structure) (first key-and-value) (second key-and-value)))
(set-data basic-transient-structure (first key-and-value) (second key-and-value)))
(set-data basic-transient-structure :dependency-tree syntactic-analysis)
(values syntactic-analysis utterance-as-list basic-transient-structure))))
;;; Some examples of preprocessing functions working on a dependency analysis.
......@@ -104,6 +105,12 @@
unless (string= "CARDINAL" (second ne-result))
collect (first ne-result)))
(defun get-penelope-named-entities-for-beng (sentence)
"Return the named entities but not the cardinals."
(loop for ne-result in (nlp-tools::get-penelope-named-entities sentence)
unless (string= "CARDINAL" (second ne-result))
collect ne-result))
(defun get-penelope-named-entities-without-cardinals-and-dates (sentence)
"Return the named entities but not the cardinals."
(loop for ne-result in (nlp-tools::get-penelope-named-entities sentence)
......@@ -113,13 +120,14 @@
;; This function returns multiple values for storing in transient structures.
(defun dependency-string-append-named-entities (dependency-tree)
(let* ((utterance (nlp-tools:dp-build-utterance-from-dependency-tree dependency-tree))
(named-entities (get-penelope-named-entities-without-cardinals utterance)))
(named-entities-result (get-penelope-named-entities-for-beng utterance))
(named-entities (mapcar #'first named-entities-result)))
(loop for named-entity in named-entities
when (find #\space named-entity) ;; Composed of multiple parts.
do (setf dependency-tree (nlp-tools::dp-combine-tokens-in-dependency-analysis
(split-sequence::split-sequence #\Space named-entity)
dependency-tree named-entity))
finally (return (values dependency-tree :named-entities named-entities)))))
finally (return (values dependency-tree :named-entities named-entities-result)))))
(defun check-for-chunk (string dependencies &optional string-so-far)
"If the de-render chunked some strings, we take the last word as its main category."
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