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......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
remote =
branch = master
commit = fef863b0987cd7e250a06435b7c6c37494c7b7f5
parent = c2d35413254e7df024f17a754ceb74beb33cdc99
commit = bd913b54b1b58dd1c49e940089f1b4d7e6cd3dcb
parent = 03cf639e4a481c6f5cd1f94d553aba08ed2b6d9c
method = merge
cmdver = 0.4.0
......@@ -625,10 +625,11 @@ solution."
do (push (type-of problem) (statuses node)))
(push 'diagnostic-triggered (statuses node)))
;; Loop through the new-fixes (they should have a list of construction-application-results in
;; their data-field 'fixed-cars), make nodes of them, add them as children, and enqueue them
;; their data-field 'fixed-cars), make nodes of them, add them as children, and enqueue them
;; Note: fixes don't need to have this field, they may also directly affect the CIP
(loop for fix in new-fixes ;;
for fixed-cars = (get-data fix 'fixed-cars)
do (loop for fixed-car in fixed-cars
when (field? fix 'fixed-cars)
do (loop for fixed-car in (get-data fix 'fixed-cars)
(let ((fixed-child (cip-add-child node fixed-car)))
(push (type-of (issued-by fix)) (statuses fixed-child))
......@@ -642,7 +643,7 @@ solution."
(when (and (get-configuration cip :use-meta-layer)
(get-configuration cip :consolidate-repairs)
(repairs node))
(consolidate-repair-cxns node))) ;; consolidate repairs!
(consolidate-repairs node))) ;; consolidate repairs!
(unless (or (fully-expanded? node) ;;there are other children in the making
goal-test-succeeded?) ;;and the node did NOT pass the goal test
......@@ -920,13 +921,26 @@ added here. Preprocessing is only used in parsing currently."
(error (format nil "Add a case for type ~a to #'fcg-get-applied-cxn."
(type-of x))))))
(defun consolidate-repair-cxns (node)
(let ((applied-cxns (applied-constructions node))
(fcg-construction-set (original-cxn-set (construction-inventory node))))
(dolist (cxn applied-cxns)
(let ((fcg-cxn (get-original-cxn cxn)))
(unless (find-cxn fcg-cxn fcg-construction-set)
(add-cxn fcg-cxn fcg-construction-set))))))
(defun consolidate-repairs (node)
"conolidate the constructions and th-links added by repairs"
;; fix-cxns field is used by repair
(when (field? (car-resulting-cfs (cipn-car node)) :fix-cxns)
(loop for cxn in (get-data (car-resulting-cfs (cipn-car node)) :fix-cxns)
do (add-cxn cxn (original-cxn-set (construction-inventory node)))))
;; fix-th-links
(when (field? (car-resulting-cfs (cipn-car node)) :fix-th-links)
(loop for th-link in (get-data (car-resulting-cfs (cipn-car node)) :fix-th-links)
do (type-hierarchies:add-categories (list (car th-link) (cdr th-link))
(type-hierarchies:get-type-hierarchy (original-cxn-set (construction-inventory node))))
(type-hierarchies:add-link (car th-link) (cdr th-link)
(type-hierarchies:get-type-hierarchy (original-cxn-set (construction-inventory node))))))
;; also add all applied cxns
(loop with fcg-cxn-set = (original-cxn-set (construction-inventory node))
for cxn in (applied-constructions node)
for fcg-cxn = (get-original-cxn cxn)
unless (find-cxn fcg-cxn fcg-cxn-set)
do (add-cxn fcg-cxn fcg-cxn-set)))
(defun solution-p (node)
"returns true if a node is a solution (succeeded)"
......@@ -30,7 +30,11 @@
(push fix (fixes (problem fix))) ;;we add the current fix to the fixes slot of the problem
(set-data fix 'fixed-cars
(fcg-apply (get-processing-cxn (restart-data fix)) (car-resulting-cfs (cipn-car node)) (direction (cip node))))))
(fcg-apply (get-processing-cxn (restart-data fix))
(car-resulting-cfs (cipn-car node))
(direction (cip node))
:configuration (configuration (construction-inventory node))
:cxn-inventory (construction-inventory node)))))
;; Unknown Words ;;
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@
(make-instance 'coupled-feature-structure
:left-pole `((root (meaning ())
(sem-cat ())
(form ,(append strings constraints))
(form ,(append (reverse strings) constraints))
(syn-cat ())))
:right-pole '((root)))))
......@@ -75,10 +75,10 @@
(let* ((string-constraints (remove-if-not #'stringp form-constraints :key #'third))
(ordering-constraints (filter-by-string-constraints (remove-if #'stringp form-constraints :key #'third)
(queue (list (make-instance 'render-state
:used-string-constraints nil
:remaining-string-constraints (shuffle string-constraints)
:ordering-constraints ordering-constraints))))
(queue (list (make-instance 'render-state
:used-string-constraints nil
:remaining-string-constraints (shuffle string-constraints)
:ordering-constraints ordering-constraints))))
(loop while queue
for current-state = (pop queue)
for all-new-states = (generate-render-states current-state)